Cooler Master MH 751

Cooler Master MH 751

I'm three tree and the past few weeks we have seen important gaming audio launches like the GSP 670 Sennheiser's first wireless gaming headset I’d consider that to be sort of a semi successful launch so the Logitech G Pro X and therefore the cool thing about this product is their integration their first integration with Blue Microphones with the introduction of Blu voice functionality within the software but many of you once you heard the sound sample and now ladies and gentlemen the microphone test which seems to be a very important part for Logitech and its integration with Blu voice and plenty of you were like not impressed with the microphone quality and we've received numerous comments to check out the cool master MH 751 and 752 by the way the naming scheme Cooler Master headset but 751 what do these numbers mean I’d consider this to be like the sleep or gaming headset because we've done ads on this thing and I’ve been using it in the background but I didn't realize just how good microphone quality is simply how good the audio quality is for the value point and for the past three weeks this headset has been on sale for $59 which is an incredible value and if you've got the $20.00 premium you get the MH 752 which isn’t precisely the same headset and precisely the same microphone but includes the USB sound dongle for surround sound so up as yet my gaming headset recommendation under $100 has always been the GSP 300 from Sennheiser with fantastic microphone great isolation and dedicated sound quality of Pro 82 headphone which is highly considered an honest pair for under $100 and therefore the incontrovertible fact that Cooler Master is able to place during a microphone in here and sure there's no base board adjustment like.

The sole tax Star pro 82 but the actual fact that the microphone is thrashing out so many other headsets for such an occasional price point is impressive so let's take a take care of this. Alright so outside of dedicated value at the fifty nine bucks for the stereo version what else does this headset awaken the table so beloved I’d consider to be my third most comfortable gaming headset that I’ve got in my entire collection the primary one would be the sports the game one or the PC 37x which is open back and also the clamping force is ideal the valor parts I can wear this thing for literally the complete day with none problem number two would-be the garments GSP 300 again the ear pads are fantastic nice clamping force really good isolation yet then I’d consider the MH751 to be in the 3rd place so first they're incredibly lightweight at 280 grams the clamping force I would say is simply right but some might bear in mind to be too loose based on like other gaming headsets that actually seal everything in there and allow nothing to flee here the clamping force is truly quite light I find it to be really enjoyable for a tiny low head like with some jerky head movement the headset might fall off but say for many heads this may be just fine and therefore the size extensions are quite long look at this reaching all the way to my jaw line so for larger heads this headset would be not an issue their cushions are foam and that we have nice thick layer of padding on the actual driver wall so if yours do transcend the ear padding and make contact with that surface it'll still be comfortable and not some tiny layer of material like we would find on the pro-x for instance.

While coup master is basically pushing this towards a gaming market i really like the low profile nature and also the discreet all black design you'll be able to 100% wear these outdoors and no-one would think this can be a gaming headset now for the 79 / $89 price point for the MH 751 counting on the retailer the USB sound card is actually pretty handy so you'll be able to adjust the quantity on here you can mic mute you can also adjust the gain on the microphone itself which is great because it is sort of sensitive so lowering it's quite good and therefore the 7.1 surround sound toggle it doesn't completely destroy the audio and that I desire it actually pushes the mid-range slightly forward rather than enlarging the audio space so I feel like the sound stage is slightly better when the 7.1 surround sound toggle is disabled but still it is a very powerful sound card so pretty good for notebook users or even for pcs that do not have good onboard audio and for the $20.00 premium isn't unfortunate and particularly now you'll obtain the MH 751 for almost the identical price because the 751 in some regions so perhaps choose the MH752 rather than the 751 man modeling the sole real complaint I’ve got is with the cable since it's braided anything it touches it sends that cable noise directly into your ear cup so it can be touching something by my belt but I’m hearing it right up here and it's just unpleasant for example the GSP 300 encompasses a Robert and anything that happens on that right now isn't audible unless something happens actually beside the ear cup like right here then it isn't} able but otherwise can't hear it.

I've worn these for two hours today in my room without the window open normally I might feel the hotness and therefore the sweat on other pairs but not here fine so let's move onto the microphone test and this is often why such a lot of people recommend this headset this is what you get for $59 this can be the foremost natural sounding value-oriented gaming headset that I've ever heard there's no processing no compression with not an excessive amount of bass in my vocals it's prefer it just sounds dedicated but the downfall is there is no noise cancellation after all since it's not digital and thus it'll acquire all the keyboard strokes anything within the ambient environment and that is just the character of something that does not have those noise compression characteristics what you hear now's that recorded with the G Pro X headset the most recent term Logitech this is often a $99 pair and that I can sense there's some style of compression happening i do not know if it's happening on the next end or on the lower end but it just doesn't sound as natural as the cooler master pair next up is that the GSP 300 also $99 headset and this is often the one that i like to recommend for that price point there's a touch of sound compression happening with my voice.

It still sounds natural a bit a pleasant base character it does sound quite almost like the professional X so let me know between the two which one sounds best to you and at last we've the PC37X a more expensive$129 pair which relies on the sport one series and that I would consider that to be the benchmark of like good quality microphones that don't seem to be crazy expensive on the gaming headset this one's sounds quite natural with nice bass pickup too so let me know between the four microphones which one sounded the bed to your ears so after all the thing that completes this headset is that the sound quality the signature on this one is quite flat across the complete range but also balanced so bass is present but I would say it's flatter than most of the gaming headsets actually quite similar to the bottom resonance on the pc37x in terms of such as you can feel it as the depth but you do not feel it rumbling which is perfectly fine. It is appropriately placed to make a small amount of depth and staging while the high end is super smooth with none fatiguing elements the cool thing I found with this pair is that if I occur the volume everything is stated almost equally versus on the pro-x because it’s a much brighter sound so like I slightly sharper high end which I prefer but if I'm paying attention to really loud volume then it would become a bit too harsh and I must reduce the degree then again.

I lose a touch on the bass while on the image seven five one it's reasonably it doesn't have that property it's almost like everything is remarked equally and flat which is sweet I will be able to say that I do enjoy a brighter sound so a rather more emphasized high-end but with these the smoothness of everything and having the ability to show up the amount to the my preferred high end which sparkle that I buy without really killing the mid-range and without over emphasizing the bass has been a extremely pleasant experience which I've not after I wasn't expecting to be honest from Cooler master and for $59 this can be an absolute winner clamping force isn't too tight comfort level is on point nice ear cushions fantastic microphone that beats many headsets that are much higher price and audio quality it's almost like reference style delivery that I'm personally fine with plus the actual fact you'll be able to wear these outdoors unlike the GSP 300 which could be a better gaming headset overall for the$99 price point. 
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