Cooler Master NR 600

Cooler Master NR 600

I remember the NR 600 series so the original N600 was in an exceedingly one amongst one in every of my favorite cases under $100 so we're checking out the NR 600 type of budget $80 mint hour which follows an identical front panel design because the remainder of the tip serious cases well look what we've got here some Harbor connect stuff filters but that's for one more case and i am really curious to see what Cooler master has finished this series are they improving on that or are they only digging themselves in a hole now the nice thing about this enclosure is that it's only six to nine dollars so it's not within that budget territory competing with the likes of the P 350X as an example and just like the H500 from NZXT so is that this thing any good let's see right dudes hello I’m looking for a few fans well are you married yeah I’ve got a hoop what's your favorite number i might say 3 do I’ve got the right fan for you this can be the new thermal tech ring trio 12 fans with good static pressure for radiators it's beautiful frame with double side and center ring illumination with soft and super bright spill with razor chrome and compatibility control it through your Smartphone the RGB plus software on the PC or Amazon Alexa well I'm gonna take these home perhaps you ought to test them call at the outline below alright. While the built-in power supply shroud into the particular frame and reducing the tempered glass side panel size is that what the P 350 X is understood for it's a touch bit boring.

I'm not gonna lie but if you are going for the entire subdued and easy aesthetic here you've got the NR600 and also the only physical differentiation between this case and many others would be the small little punched in cooler master shape on the power supply out at the rear and after all the ventilated front mesh panel without glossy. If you'll it's metal and it'll allow majority of the airflow versus what you will see with many other cases that have some variety of metal mesh and a dust filter so that's a decent thing that's for cooling we've got two fans included one within the front one within the rear and for the front installation you can do up to a 360 or 280 millilitres over here and also the power supply shroud section of the front is cut out enough usual three inches so you'll fit the radiator and the set of fans and since the fans are installed outside of the frame because there's no dust filter up there you'll do push and pull which is pretty nice also i will be able to say I'm disappointed at the build quality of the front panel the frame itself is plastic and only the mesh is metal so there’s plenty of flex happening as you'll see.

So, I would recommend installing it to permit for better atmospheric pressure thereto hole like from the front to the rear and it isn't exactly radiator friendly up there simply because that entire cooling section is moved all the thanks to the back and there's not that much clearance between the motherboard the i/o here is pretty basic with dual USB three power push button and a combo mic / headphone jack both side panels use thumb screws for the mount and that i appreciate the dual step procedure for the tempered glass removal first you have got to drag it out and then angle it and take away the small hinges at the underside so you could install the tempered glass panel without using thumb screws now as for the interior for 69 bucks we're not expecting miracles and i am quite glad that there is no sophistication happening it's pretty roomy interior.

So, if you are installing anything within the front for radiators there's lots of space until you hit the ATX area but in fact if you are not installing anything within the front then that whole section looks quite empty that's for the facility supply shroud we've got three SSD locations and that I actually appreciate cooler master approach to completely tool is meant here so you insert these rubber pegs into these holes and mount these little excerpt i suppose from the SSD or three and a half inch drives and you just put the into the rubber peg very simple to put in and able to maneuver your drives all round the enclosure so there's two spaces the rear three on the facility supply shroud but we even have this individual drive cage for 3 and a half inch units that you simply install with these individual caddies the great thing is it doesn't interfere with any potential radiator that you simply might slide however it's riveted so it's non removable which can cause issues with your power supply so if your power supply may be anything longer than 160 millimetres then you may not be able to fit the ability supply and your cables and I’m guessing its riveted so it could provide structural rigidity to the frame itself but it's a giant limitation for extended power supply units and especially if you are not using any three and half inch drives then that whole space incompletely underutilized and you can't even stash any cables into it.

Because, incompletely blocks whatever is that the front of the facility supply very well I think it’s time for the build sequence I'm kidding this can be in moving-picture show and so outside of that hiccup with the ability supply mounting due to the extension on the frame i do not know why they cannot just simply cut it out so you’ll simply slide the power supply in with no need to jam it within the assembly procedure was pretty straightforward quite what I might expect from a $69 case but yeah no real issues up here and that is for temperatures compared to my most three recent case reviews the CPU temperature is pretty on par versus like the P 600s. So, a decent thing but the GPU gets a touch bit toasty and I’m guessing it's because the front fan while it's right and centered they ‘redelivering more of that fresh air for the GPU i assume it doesn't deliver as much air because the other cases as for system noise levels the side and front profiles are literally pretty identical and it's just like the quieter on the side versus like the fan tex p6 from s as an example which is a good thing but from the front it's slightly louder thanks to course that whole mesh thing is open and the fan is correct against the mesh. 

It does create a bit more turbulent noise profile but otherwise it is a pretty quiet case with full rpm as you'll be able to hear it's going straight away and yeah that's pretty good and then in conclusion I want the NR 600 is extremely much needed case for the $69 price point because they have to compete with the likes of fan tanks and NZXT and I would say the HR hundred it might be like my favorite in terms of build quality because this one feels a bit cheap within the front plastic panel and all that steel here is kind of thin and when you're working with it does feel kind of cheap but in terms of like the airflow perspective and noise profile it’s pretty decent the P 350 X from fan tanks does offer you a bit more visual candy thereupon light bar on the side and therefore the front while here you could spice things up because the front mesh and therefore the interior is completely visible from the front and in fact because a temple a side panel you could experiment with some interior lighting so that it might be visible on the outside furthermore and so I'm not disappointed but I used to be hoping for a touch bit more with great care that it could bring it above the competition because without delay because it stands doesn’t really do anything different or better versus the remainder of the cases but at least it's not an airflow hazard which makes me happy okay guys let me know what you think that of the NR 600 in the comments below if you recall the original N 600 thereupon whole side fan profile I wish they may revive that and just modify the frame to fulfill the fashionable expectations but instead we have this. 
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