Lian li Lancool 2 Mesh case

Lian li Lancool 2 Mesh case

Hey would you examine that a case born to push limit funny thing how the Lancool 2 Mesh is launching within the same week just two days other than the P50 A from Phantoms’ definitely not a coincidence or maybe not Adam I saved one peel for you guys that's almost too smooth another so this my good people is that the land called to mesh a awfully promising mesh treatment upgrade of the initial Lancool 2 which was fantastic feature wise but lacked within the airflow Department so this supposed to remedy that confirm to test out our original line code to review because the center are basically identical with some minor modifications that I'll think again so let's review the very promising Lancool 2 Mesh right after this the razor Viper ultimate the lightest and fastest wireless mouse designed for eSports with an accurate focus plus 20k dpi optical sensor raise your hyper speed wireless technology that's 25% faster than the competition all packed o into lightweight body with optical mouse switches check it out. I don’t want to oversell it but check this out guys had $89 therefore the same price of the original lancool 2 but now it is so much additional airflow available in both black and white the white model goes to be $10 extra and {there is} also the performance Edition which is what I’ve got here includes two 140 mm load of fans at the front and one 120 at the rear and there is also the a RGB model also an $89 price point. what we saw with Phantoms’ P500A as an example but the holes here are slightly bigger at 1.5 millimeters versus 1 millimeter on the Phantoms’ enclosures that's probably why the airflow performance is healthier but I’m concerned about dust accumulation particularly on the inside the holes aren't large enough to catch like really fine particles so that's something to kind of be concerned about and that i totally understand their decision to not include dust filter behind the metal mesh because which will significantly reduce airflow the metal mesh here is pretty rigid it doesn't flex very nice and one of the explanations why I did such a lot of airflow tests is because the shroud door on the side is now perforated unlike being totally solid on the initial Lian Li told me that the perforation on side helps with GPU cooling especially when you add additional fans on the PSU shroud so we'll be testing that later as for the remainder of the outside features everything is identical i like these swivel TG side panels on each side we do have a bit magnets within the front end little pegs that sort of sit into the frame that the glass panel doesn’t vibrate or shake upon transport you can't secure the side panels fully but the magnets are pretty strong in order that they latch in nicely you'll be able to remove the power supply doors there's four screws on all sides.

They do not completely open fully in order that if you are doing lift the case they quite maintain their shape on where they might lie on the table as an example the IO is up top with dual USB three is power reset switch a combo audio jack and an optional type-c port if you get the accessory and if this accessory isn't populated it kind of looks weird there's that something got stuck in this little cutout since I have the performance model we do have a inbuilt fan controller and that i wouldn't think that i might enjoy it that much but we've got low medium and high speeds plus a PWM control if you simply plug this into your motherboard the fan controller is at the rear sitting on its own little removable plate and every one the fans here are PWM which is amazing at this price point and also the fan controller can support up to 6 four and fans now the unique thing about airflow during this enclosure outside of getting the metal mesh within the front that is completely unrestricted you will see why during a second but I actually appreciate their fan bracket at the front that's pretty modular and therefore the hope more companies attempt to form of recreate the identical design it can support up to a 360 radiator but the cool thing about the bracket is it's lots of mobility within the frame so for instance if you're doing a push and pull setup you can mount the brackets just like the inwards to possess the fans on the surface of the bracket have the radiator and more fans you'll be able to also rotate the bracket which might make installation of fans easier down the road if you're trying to remove something from the particular frame and whole idea here is to present users the range of clearance between the frame and between the ability supply cut out and that ranges 55 millimeters all do up to 110 million years and as for the highest.

We move inside one among the best features is the rotatable cable cover after removing two screws you'll rotate the bracket and have spacing for an e ATX motherboard without compromising on cable routing and therefore the whole simple assembly as you'll be able to see the ability supply shroud is slightly different versus the first which is because we can install choices these in this spot or remove those bracket and install dual 120 mm fans which is meant to significantly help with cooling of the GPU which is why that perforated mesh is so important and my only complaint about this whole design is that the bottom disk drive cage I do appreciate that it’s it's on Rails so you'll move it slightly removed from the ability supply or away from the front to convey you a small amount more clearance you'll also buy this optional hot spot wall bracket at the rear which is great for this price point but the drive cage itself isn't meant to be removable and also the reason why you want on remove it's because first of all it interferes without entire cut out at the front and number two the case is pretty compact already so having the ability supply all the way in its closest position to the ability supply leaves very little room for the power supply cables I did forcefully remove the drive cage from the front just to filter that whole basement area but nearly made it clear that the intent is for this drive cage to sit and sleep in the basement as for extra storage we've got Drive caddie son the proper power supply door plus we've two additional SSD caddies behind the motherboard tray and that I really appreciate this case for this $89 price point thanks to all the microscopic panels that are installed at the rear to hide all your cables and make that whole section look really clean which is why the right side panel is additionally glass the sole thing I don't appreciate are the thumb screws because the threading is extremely short and it's making it really difficult to place them back together and every one the screws within the front as well we’re extremely tight on behalf of me I almost stripped some screws but Lian Li made sure to double-check their internal control and confirm that doesn’t happen for retail units lastly there's an influence supply dust filter at the bottom land.

I feel it is time for you to witness the assembly sequence after everything was complete it is a an extremely easy case to figure in not simply because of the cable bar and the way you can move it and therefore the quite cleanly hides everything and it doesn't interfere with that USB 3 cable coming from the side while the rear of the motherboards clean primarily thanks to all the plates that you just can cover all the cables with so now it is time to speak about the airflow and this thing is absolutely impressive alright so let's begin a stock configuration that - profile 72 and 72 fantastic temperature's visiting medium fan profile surprised that did not change anything and visiting low CPU temperatures but slightly rising CPU temperatures I'm guessing because that he quite gets carried from the GPU into the CPU area lian lee has confirmed this result this happens on their end - I then shifted the front bracket closer inwards aloof from the front panel and closer to my hardware components and at - profile it actually increased our GPU temperature by one degree this might be a margin of error but one interesting thing here was that the noise profile was slightly louder versus when the fan racket was right against of the mesh and speaking of the noise profile keep things at medium or low because otherwise it’s quite loud the subsequent thing I wanted to try and do was swap out the r-tx 20 60 super for something harder like my GTX 1084 the win.

I actually wanted to check if that power supply perforation on the shroud actually did something so I redid all my testing and you'll see again that within the low stock configuration the GPU and CPU temperatures spiked up a touch bit rather like with my r-tx 20 60 super I then blocked a shroud door and got the beautiful surprising result especially when the fan configuration is running on low because I actually get cooler temperatures this manner by the high configuration remained at 70 and 70 Ithon added the shroud fan and on low configuration this is often impressive because the CPU temperature rose pretty significantly but we did drop the GPU like but by 5 degrees while having the fan configuration running on high plaster shroud fan dropped our GPU temperature but this can be already a pretty loud configuration and therefore the final thing to check was to stay the shroud fan there but blocked the side ventilation to determine if that will impact our temperatures it looks like what Lily said about having ventilation on the side does actually help the GPU temperatures because by blocking that ventilation our GPU rose versus once we have the shroud fan and also the side relation opened soothe shroud fan helps with GPU cooling if your GPU is de facto toasty and hot but it does reintroduce heat into the CPU loop finally once we compare the Lanco to mesh versus all my other tests this can be the good case in my stack configuration this after all is at maximum speed and also the noise profile is quite almost like the really loud p500 a when the fans are running at full blast but lowering the fan controller to medium gives us the identical temperature but at a way reduced amplitude so if you have been trying to find an air flow enclosure that won't large you recognize components look totally fine and proportional inside the inside the Lancool 2 Mesh performance Edition is absolutely fantastic it doesn't have much bling just like the original but feature wise this can be the case to drill in 2020. 
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