MSI Bravo 15 Notebook

MSI Bravo 15 Notebook

The AMD based notebooks that we've taken a glance at are geared towards specific purposes it all started with the ROG g14 which was geared towards folks who are willing to pay a little bit more for a compact form factor which will pull double duty for both greater focus tasks rendering tasks furthermore as gaming similarly then there was the TUF A15 which was a rather larger laptop but it had been loads more affordable and it came with a Ryzen sound 4800 H and in RTX 2060 feel like those were a extremely good balance of GPU and CPU horsepower so there's this the msi bravo 15 I’m not really sure who this {can be} targeted towards because on one hand it can be the very best performing budget notebook that I’ve ever seen butt the identical time it struggles in some key areas msi says that it is a gaming laptop but it kind of isn't at the identical time this one was a extremely tough laptop to evaluate guys so let's take a deep dive and see where this stands within the current notebook market after this the razer viper ultimate the lightest and fastest wireless mouse designed for esports with an accurate focus plus 20kdpi optical sensor raise your hyper speed wireless technology that's 25%faster than the competition all packed onto lightweight body with optical mouse switches check it out below alright so I'm gonna start with pricing which is actually good actually for the full series starting at 929 you get a Ryzen 5 4600H 8 gigs of ram 5 tall gig SSD and an RX 5500M with eight hundred twenty Hertz display adding $70 thereto brings you to our sample featuring the 8core 16 thread 4800H twice the memory but it still sticks thereto rx 5500 M the thousand dollar gaming notebook category is super competitive these days we expect a minimum of a gtx 660ti level graphics at that price even with AMD cpus there's an rx 5600M in the g515 SE which you recognize will hit a grand in Dual lace frequent sales while asus is offering gtx 660ti in their thousand-dollar A15 let's start with exterior impressions and i am just going to say it's pretty decent for the worth don't expect an aluminum construction it's mostly a plastic chassis with brush textures on the lid which i do not like because two or three months down the road that's not gonna seem like the day you unboxed.

The hinge is pretty strong after all if my memory serves me well this feels stronger than the TUF A15 I didn’t experience any wobble I mean this thing is it's pretty amazing for the value I gotta provides it to him aside for that the inside space is pretty low profile which i prefer but i actually wished if they went with a sandstone finish and just can’t vouch for the way long this brush texture would last with skin oil or other things that make contact with it so that's something to seem out for the keyboard layout is pretty standard weirdly lots of the function keys up top haven't got any secondary functions they're just blank I mean it might have been nice to determine all the media playback buttons or controls mapped to those function keys but that would just be me the keys themselves are good the child distance is brief but to my surprise I got use of them really quickly personally I prefer them over the TUF A15 and if you A lot or game a lot these will do the duty just fine it's back lit with red LED unfortunately there's no RGB lighting so you cannot tweet the colors brightness levels are okay I’ve got nothing to complain here however my biggest frustration with this notebook is that the track pad it's a plastic smooth finish which is okay and has support for Windows precision drivers but it's not secured properly and what do I mean by that well if you’re clicking on something you'd either tap or press the first left or right buttons but during this case tap works okay but if you press it doesn't actually register you'd need to like press it even harder to induce something to work it’s almost sort of a two-step process.

I desire something is or the track by itself is form of loose which to me was pretty annoying and frustrating I think you guys should hear this to truly get a feel of what I'm talking about so this is often the webcam test on the Bravo 15 now the video quality is okay I mean we will not really expect anything greater at this time the microphone is decent there's a touch of compression with my voice but ironically it sounds way better than the GS 66 stealth that checked out recently which costs you recognize twenty five hundred dollars. I desire the TUF A15 features a better speaker than this one because it suits some really interesting design tweaks within the chassis to complement the sound signature now moving on to ports most of them are located on the correct hand side which I'm sure is gonna be a controversy once you use an external Mouse now supposedly MSI did this to form sure that the recent air exhausts from the menus side which is far from your typical you know external mouse position but if you are a left-hand user that will be a touch of an issue so there's that on the proper hand side you get a Kingston lock LAN port two USB 3.1 genuine type-c ports which is extremely surprising for a thousand-dollar laptop another two USB Taipei's and an audio jack switching over to the left you get power in an HDMI do note that every one USB ports are genuine foggy bits per second so it {is not} the fastest out there i believe this can be gonna be a regular occurrence on lower end AMD notebooks the display is fifteen point six inches it’s 1080p IPS level with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz unfortunately MSI's IPS level marketing is not really accurate because this is often bad like really bad as you can see it only covers 61 percent srgb 45 percent Adobe are and 45% clip 3 so if you value color accuracy don't even consider getting this the screen doesn't get brighter at the max that it are able to do is around 219 its which is pretty poor for outdoor visibility and at last.

There's that 120 Hertz refresh rate it's pretty awesome for gaming you'll certainly get away with it if you're coming from a 60 Hertz display it is a welcoming upgrade inters of upgrade ability you've got quick access to the 2 RAM modules maximum support capacity is 64 gigabytes the first name SSD is correct up here and there’s a further M DOT two slot for expansion which is pretty cool i really like this layout it's organized in my opinion the drive speeds are good but they’re not crazy fast especially when you're compared to the A15 or perhaps the more expensive notebooks just like the blade 15 or the GS66 stealth from MSI the battery capacity is 51 watt hours but to our surprise after we ran our light lowest it lasted longer than our GS 66 stealth which has almost twice the capacity in an r/t x27 a superman cue switching gears to our heavy load tests and well that smaller capacity does come at a drawback with it only lasting for about an hour moving on to performance starting with Cine bench and straight away it's like something really interesting goes on even though the bravo 15 technically has the identical Ryzen 7 4800H and 16 gigabytes of ram.

You'll see that there’s a couple of 200 megahertz difference between balance and also the extreme performance mode on the Bravo 15 but that's quickly move a few hundred megahertz later within the test but how does this compare to the ASUS TUF a15 well on that notebook both turbo mode and balanced start much higher than balance mode takes a nosedive pretty early and events bent a lower speed than MSI turbo mode continues on a small amount further and theA15 will beat the Bravo in sepia focus tests however if the test is longer the MSI in balanced mode will probably have the sting I will be going over the expected temperatures and behaviors of those AMD CPUs in other videos so definitely stay tuned for that except for now let's stop working the remainder of the real-world benchmarks in blender you'll see that the Bravo 15 being edged out again which is completely in line with our expectations in Premiere which uses AMD's discrete card for acceleration it's pretty obvious that the 5500 Causes a reasonably big performance penalty in rendering versus something like an RTX 2060 even when it's paired with a super-fast cpu Da Vinci Resolve shows this too but make no mistake about it either the 4800H really helps things out here handbrake meanwhile could be a super CPU in tens I’ve test therefore the Bravo 15 gets pretty good results honestly it's amazing to determine a thousand-dollar notebook with a 4800H over coming a $2,500 windows-based machine just like the Aero 17  Wirer isn’t anything surprising either. Everywhere the place with a variance of 1 gigahertz at the same time as it hits just above 90 degrees meanwhile the CPU package power has between 35 and 38 watts what's probably happening here may be a maze boost algorithms are simply trying to maximize clock speeds during a more lightly threaded environment GPU temperatures are hotter than we expected for a supposedly efficient design.

But that might flow from to the bio15 cooling design another possibility for the upper temperatures are those clock speeds MSI pushes them to merely over 60 and 60 megahertz which is actually beyond Amy's maximum boost frequency of 1645 megahertz so technically you may consider that as a gentle over clock now before i purchase into the gaming benchmarks I do want to speak about my gaming experience with the Bravo 15 because trying to urge some games to run on this machine was nightmare for example Red Dead Redemption 2 did not run on this laptop there have been other games like Far Cry 5 and Jedi Order that engaged the integrated GPU rather than the discrete graphics card now this is not MSI's faulting fact it's more along the lines to try and do with AMD's drivers and the way they work within Windows as of the most recent update you see most of the control over the eye GPU and therefore the discrete GPU switching has been added over to Windows which means the software package can get confused sometimes on when it must switch between one or the opposite especially when a game launches without exclusive full-screen mode detain mind that this only happens when an AMD GPU and an AGP is detected not when an nvidia card is installed the only thanks to get around this is often to manually set which graphics processor issued which isn't exhausted AMD's panel anymore you'll have to get into the windows graphic settings ensure classic app is chosen and then browse to the game's executable files once that's found you'll override the windows default and associate that app with the high performance and discrete card i actually really hope that this gets fixed soon because it is a mess right now but luckily this was only a difficulty that we encountered with some games speaking of which the results were decent but i believe the foremost interesting aspect of these frame rates is that there are only some FPS better than the Zephyrs GA 502T you that I reviewed last year that thing contains a pretty slow Ryzen 7 3750h CPU that was probably a bottleneck for a gtx 660ti this notebook incorporates a deep other way around it's a massively powerful 4800H backstopping a fairly weak graphics card so gaming isn't the brow Dean’s strength a minimum of not for the value MSI is charging for it the acoustic performance was respectable it didn't sound sort of a jet fan just like the GS66 stove.

I'm gonna wrap this up quickly the Bravo 15 from MSI is not a gaming laptop because once you examine the 4800H it’s good option for those who value CPU processing rather than playing the latest titles and cozy frame rates because when you're building out gaming laptop you are looking for something that incorporates a balanced CPU and GPU horsepower you wish to form sure that both offers you recognize relatively good performance but during this case its weakest point is that graphics card the RX 5500M it just it is a weird combination to pair with an 8-core16 minute processor I feel the simplest analogy is you're trying to you recognize let it literally retrofit a Ferrari with bicycle wheels I hope that made sense with that being said I’ve got to grant credit to MSI for what they've achieved with the Bravo 15 because it offers pretty good build quality for the price the keyboard is sweet the track pad it's loose, but i believe it's just my sample but if you're within the market searching for one thousand dollar gaming laptop you shouldn't get this you ought to definitely look someplace else. 
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