Noctua Silent AIR COOLED Gaming PC

Noctua Silent AIR COOLED Gaming PC

I'm Tinku and recently I did a silent system and therefore the Silent base 801 enjoyable experience. I had six fans in there the full DBA at load was under 35 which was amazing but today we're gonna attempt to do something different then therein system I used all keep mum components to silent loop 360 with silent wings 3 fans and silent wings 3 fans for the cases well overall very happy with temperatures and noise levels and therefore the pump here is practically inaudible but people recommending hey if you would like to travel with silence why not try Noctua and since I’ve got this nice collection of coolers up here including the nhd 15 which is that this massive Tower plenty of cooling capacity for the 9900K and the new NF 812 fans that i will be replacing inside the case so I'm really excited to work out how quiet we will get the system to run all on air cooling gotta get those accessories well sounds like all the components are here let's start the build right after this so you're saying this is often the most colorful thanks to cool I'm telling you the master liquid ml 360 our RGB is that the way to go cooler masters new three sixty millimetre all-in-one liquid cooler is all about performance better. You'll be able to sync via its own controller or through various addressable and 12-volt RGB connectors alright perhaps you should check it get into the conscription below alright that the interesting thing about these two enclosures is that the silent base 601 and 801 are basically an identical frame like.

So you'll take them off and that I actually forgot about this in my review you'll be able to pick it up by the underside versus the keys feed on the 601 are reasonably built into the frame we still have the electric switch to release the side panel i really like this approach it's to us and like I said I could simply put this panel on the 801 and it'd fit and therefore the other difference would be as the price therefore the 601 is $30 cheaper so this guy sells for $130 versus $160 for the window version of the 801 now the interior is extremely similar both support ATX motherboards the 601 as you'll be able to see slightly smaller because the 801 allows you to invert the motherboard tray so there is a bit more height clearance up here we even have an extra intake fan on the 801 versus having only one for the 601 and one exhaust the ability supply shroud is also different so this one is fully metal with only the front modular pieces that.

So we've four modular pieces the front and this plastic piece so it's slightly different and that I do prefer just like the fully built-in power supply shroud on the 601 things of the rear also look pretty similar but the 801 includes a fan control for 6 fans whereas the 601 does not and finally the i/o is just about identical with two USB 3 power reset buttons audio jacks one USB port and a bit fan control up here but it is controlling the included fans and you can't augment it it's powered by SATA and that we don't have any pwm fan control and as for noise reduction we've got this really thick 10 millimeter noise absorbing foam on the rear panel and on the front panel everything is dust proof protected so a pleasant giant dust filter for your front fans and removing the bottom dust filter from the front nice and convenient there's also.

The noise absorbing material for the highest that is kept further from your ventilation space at the rear as for a devotee and radiator mounts you'll do a 360 or 280 up top and also the same thing goes for the front so pretty good water cooling and airflow options alright so now that we are familiar what this case is all about the 601 is essentially an 801 with a slightly shorter power supply shroud and fewer height above the motherboard for all your radiator stuff I feel it is time to try to our side o.k. so I believe that might be first on behalf of me you know having that classical relaxing music for a building montage computer but that represents my mood perfectly with the silent bass 601say what you'll about the brown Noctua offense but once they're all at once in the system and it is not rather like one cooler it's all the fans within the system it makes total sense and that they quite like bring it all at once I didn't have to replace the front fan on the CPU cooler because the RAM modules are slightly too high for it and yeah you bought five fans in there let's make sure that this thing is running silent as for cable management as you'll be able to see everything is perfectly clean I'm not running multiple drive so I just stashed away my SSD right in here I secured my 24 pin and also.


The PCI cables right behind here also connected the eight pin so yeah everything is clean the side panel closes with none force and we've many space over there for more going to want to shut the mister window due to that lovely construction noise outdoors I'm probably gonna need to sit up for after they're finished to do my DBA measurements except for now let's actually plow ahead and set this thing up and configure all the fan profiles so they're just whisper quiet but also give me the enough cooling thanks to that hot 9900K some moments lateral alright so after some tweaking I'm proud of everything that I've configured here all my fans are running about 1200 rpm and they are incredibly quiet I'm impressed Noctua well done apart from the center large fan that’s running around k rpm because that one gets slightly louder if you push the rpm higher now my target DBA for love or money silent for my very own sort of preference would be under 35 DBA at load and then this technique without delay is running about 34 DBA at load this can be with the GPU at 44 percent and also the CPU running at4.7 gigahertz so very pleased with the result it's slightly just a small bit louder than my silent base 801 system and that I think that's because all the noise in this system is coming from back so all that exhaust air and if I reduce the RPM of the rear fan the system is largely completely silent but then we quite lose on cooling because that's the sole thanks to exhaust air versus on my silent base 801 machine I had three fans exhausting hair and I think the noise was there a bit more distributed versus here where it's all quite concentrated therein rear section as for temperatures the CPU ran at 80 degrees Celsius this is often the 9900K at 4.7 gigahertz so it's bit hot I could tweak around with the voltages to scale back that temperature there the GPU was running at 76 degrees Celsius without 44% fan speed therefore the system.

I spastically inaudible, but it's slightly hot inside course I can increase the speed of the front fans which definitely pushes lots of that air out it helps with intake moreover but interestingly after I removed that front panel so after I remove this front panel you'll be able to hear lots more noise is being escaped from the front but we dropped our CPU temperature by 10 degrees so it looks like there's always that balance of trying to create a machine silent while also perform good with airflow and you recognize 10 degree drop with an easy panel removal yeah I suppose that's our direction when it involves silent cases now for all of you who are saying hey that brown combination on the fans is absolutely ugly and that I was one in all those people likewise but Noctua makes black fans and when they're all at once they cannot be and that they look pretty good but if you're brave enough to maneuver yourself into the RGB direction definitely try color orange that I feel complements the brown. I'm happy with the silent base 601 after all cooling may be a big compromise especially when you remove that front panel not even the most effective filter leave the dust filter in but that front panel could be a major hindrance for air flow so you gotta balance out certain things when it comes to making sure that your system stays silent.
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