Razer Blade 15 Keyboard

Razer Blade 15 Keyboard

The day that we've all been waiting for is finally here and that i don't mean by what is going on on without delay I actually hope that you guys are staying home and safe but it's more along the lines of technology and notebooks so what I’ve got ahead of me is that the Asus Zephy sus rog g14 and it features AMD's Ryzon 4000 series Zen 2 CPU that's right Zen 2has finally made its way into the notebook space now we're already aware of its outstanding performance on the desktop platform but how does that translate into notebooks most significantly how does it tackle important factors like battery life well the G14 are a few things a small amount different for a me notebooks since it's being put out there as a premium slim yet super powerful laptop that's alleged to represent the best Ryzen should offer at once now asus is targeting the g14 towards the premium gaming market and that is actually pretty big deal because within the past any notebooks were relatively affordable and while they offered acceptable performance they didn't sacrifice on some key areas just like the overall build quality and things just didn't feel that right but the G14 is taking a complete no compromise approach and that is amazing because within the past a minimum of for a really while Intel accustomed be dominating the high-end notebook space so in any case the hype does the Ryzen 4000 series have what it takes to compete with within the mobile market let's understand right after this the razor Huntsman tournament edition has arrived it's linear optical switchers are rated with a hundred million keystrokes and actuate at only one millimeter that offers it alighting-quick feel with no risk of the bounce.

So, able to always dominate your game the Razer Huntsman keyboard this is often gaming at a speed of sunshine learn more the links below so let's quickly discuss how AMD was able to translate that rise in 4000 into the notebook space so I covered lots of the small print back at CES of course if you're inquisitive about learning a bit more about them you'll be able to checkout that video right up here I'm gonna be specializing in the 8 Series since that’s what’s being employed on the G14 now but those of you wondering the eight series processors is fact the upper performance parts from AMD that's really targeted towards gamers and creators whereas the u series is admittedly more towards the skinny and light-weight devices that are later coming to the market so right now AMD are launching eight and 6 core variants and every one of them have SMT enabled creating 16 and 12 thread CPUs they've been plenty of questions and confusion about the differences between and HS names so let's put that to the remainder so HS is design specification used by AMD to form notebooks with a thickness of 20 millimeters or less on more than 10 hours of battery life and a discrete graphics card to realize that CPUs just like the Ryzen 9 4900 HS within the Zephyrus g14 are simply lower Diversions of ordinary processors but unlike the opposite HS series the 4900 HS also makes do with lower boost and base clocks another thing i would like to mentions that AMD made some pretty odd positions on the connectivity front so with the desktop CPUs were aware that Zen 2 does feature support for PCI Gen 4both on the graphics and therefore the storage side of things but these notebooks don’t support that in fact they're back to Gen 3 with these new notebook processors and that’s reasonably unfortunate.

Because, you're only getting or Indies only allocated 8 graphics lanes for the discreet graphics card which shouldn't really cause any bottlenecks but it'd are cool to a minimum of see support for Gen 4 and me drive sat least on these new notebooks but that's not the case supposedly Andy did this to spice up overall efficiency which i suppose is nice news if you really want longer battery life okay so you may remember the g14 back from CES as the notebook with the flowery LED matrix display on the lid unfortunately the model that I’ve got up here doesn't feature that since issues will be planning to launch that matrix model a touch bit later. The dual channel mode at 3200 megahertz a 1 terabyte name SSD and a 14 inch 1080p 120 Hertz display and an rtX 2060 max-q GPU all for fewer than $1500 say that's right a minimum of that's where things stand at once but that could change given this situation that's going around these days in fact the G14 starts at about $1,000 for the GTX 1650 with a Ryzen 7 4800HSprocessor and it goes all the far to $2,000 that prime inversion has essentially the identical specs as a model that I’ve got up here but it adds that matrix LED display with a qHD panel and 60 Hertz so with all the specs out of the way let's get into the outside impressions and that i adore what Asus has done here guys you'll obtain this notebook with either a dark grey or awhile top cover and it's refreshing to determine something different from ROG instead of the standard red and black theme that they are known for build quality is really good the complete chassis is made out of magnesium alloy topped off with a coating that resists fingerprints and it sure does a trick love this feature and it is very thoughtful of Asus I also just like the fact that you'll open the notebook with only one hand plus the keyboard tilts at an angle.

Don't fret about liquids going in and damaging the components because may be a} secondary backer to stop that from happening I actually like this design after all weirdly enough it does provide a bit of a position once you're holding this notebook so it's very nice I should mention that the color scheme isn't consistent throughout the notebook the lid screams pure white whereas the keyboard and the track pad may be a silver finish it no world looks like a razor blade mercury white finish just without the white keyboard but putting the g14 next to a previous generation rise in notebook like these Zephyrus GA 502 d you I still remember that off the highest of my head you'll see that Asus kept the design look but they've modernized it plenty and that’s something that i really like about the J 14 I'm really impressed with the dimensions of this laptop it's smaller than my razor blade 15 so it can easily throw this into a smaller backpack and not worry about the burden because it only weightless than 4 pounds and therefore the included power adapter is additionally fairly lightweight too so nothing to fret there of course this notebook it's only about seventeen point nine millimeter stick which definitely fits the HS specification and like I said I'm really still shocked at what quantity asu's named you were able to cram inside like small chassis it's really impressive moving on to the keyboard and track pad you continue to get the identical layout. just three different performance modes i actually wished if there was a further mute key since that might are more consistent instead of hoping on function for just that command i favor the separation with the arrow keys it makes it easier to navigate through spreadsheets the power button also acts as a fingerprint reader appreciate the subtle implementation there the keys themselves are excellent with good tactile feedback and adequate amount of travel distance it strikes a chord in my memory of bees n book 15 that I checked out not too way back the back lighting on the opposite hand though is that the worst that I’ve come across on a notebook.

Actually better off disabling it completely because asu's looks like they win with micro LED instead of the center-mounted system underneath the key caps i assume that didn’t really tell her that great now asks did confirm with us that they're gonna address this issue with the production units now the track pad on the other hand is phenomenal it features a glass surface feels very the same as my razor blade 15 and it features Windows position drivers now typically with every other notebook I’d switch straight away into the webcam quality test but there's not one on the G14 after all yeah it's just completely it isn't there and i suppose I can not complain that but lot of individuals seem to not care about having a webcam on their notebooks so I’m just going to I'm just gonna skip that part the speakers on the g14 are front-facing so you get two tweeters at the highest and a pair of wool first at the bottom and this ends up in one in every of the simplest sounding notebooks that I’ve ever encounter I'm serious guys the trebles are well-defined of course the sub underneath really adds an excellent depth to any genre that you're paying attention to and this out performance my razor blade 15 by along shot without losing clarity at max volume moving on to the i/o it's dedicated for a 14 inch notebook I mean on theleft-hand side there's power in HDMI 2.0 USB 3.2 gen2 type-c with Display Port 1.4pass-through and power delivery and just to clarify on it power delivery this notebook can only accept 65 watts over that type C port but also do keep in mind that it does limit the performance of the laptop if you actually want to take advantage of the rtx graphics and therefore the Ryzen processors full potential you’ll definitely should use the hundred eighty watt included adapter unfortunately issues doesn't include the kind C power adapter it's just standard one that you just get switching to the correct side there is a Kingston locks few USB type eight ports but sadly those are genuine five gigabits per second rather than Gen 2 which is twice the bandwidth it's really weird tosee Asus execute especially within the spec department.

Because this is often AMD's latest offering especially on the notebook front and not getting that up-to-date spec is frustrating because mostly Intel notebooks within the market do feature that now I do have something that I also want to remark which is the port location because you would possibly notice otherwise you might wonder that i've got amuse sitting right beside me if I plug the identical on the side I for one am definitely gonna find yourself bumping into that cable every once in an exceedingly while because it’s so close and i am sure it's gonna find yourself being an issue now I really don’t know if I can blame this on the look of this laptop because Asus definitely had to create room for you recognize ventilation and therefore the heat sink to breathes it's really just a design limitation but i believed that was something worth bringing up I should mention that there aren't any Thunderbolt 3 ports on this laptop but that's expected as long as Intel still hasn't licensed that to AMD yet now moving up the display it's 14 inches1080p IPS like not necessarily true IPS however it does come factory calibrated and Pantone certified meaning that they claim to hide up to 100 percent of the serge color range from our testing there's number only covers 95% serge and75% DCI p3 which isn't too far away from the blade 15. It is certainly visiting be a challenge didn't notice any backward lead on my sample overall for the worth I really can’t complain about this display guys cuz you recognize it's running a 120 Hertz gaming thereon was absolutely amazing getting me a quick fluid response with the discreet graphics card really I mean you cannot get it wrong with this screen when it involves upgrade ability there are a pair of things that may be tweaked on the g14 so after you take a look at the memory you merely have access to one memory slot which is already populated because this laptop comes with 16 gigabytes of RAM eight gigabytes is onboard memory so means you'll only expand this up to 24 gigabytes and there is one M dr. salon that's already populated with the Intel 660 PS se that unfortunately doesn't have the best read or write performance now the battery life on the G14 surpassed my expectations.

If anyone from Intel's watching this video you better have a box of Kleenex handy because it's near to get real so jumping right into our standard synthetic tests starting with sentimentar-15 in our 20 the 8 core 16 thread Ryzen 9 4900HS may be a good 50% faster than intel's 6 core 12 thread eye.

I mean he took half the time to complete the render compared to my blade 15 this is often desktop 99 hundred K level performance guys those extra cores do are available handy for video transcending as well as you'll be able to see with our handbrake test the 1400 HS is simply way too fast for Intel to stay up with moving on to Da Vinci Resolve with exports it's really interesting to work out how those four extra threads managed to shut the gap between it and my blade 15 featuring an RT X 20 max Q but detain mind that the g14features in RTX 2060 max Q and resolved loves GPUs however if you're an adobe premiere user I'd keep one's eyes off from this laptop because it doesn't feature quick sync support which is an Intel exclusive feature and Adobe embraces dad for accelerated rendering now about this window our test plenty of this has got to do with the SSD speed together with the only threaded performance well that Y740from Lenovo has one in every of the fastest SSDs we have seen on a notebook and it also has really high clock speeds so it literally kills everything else here alright so switching to gaming as you'll be able to see with these 3d mark benchmarks the g14 does pretty well for having an RTX 2060 max Q but it's a unique matter when you're actually playing some titles so first of all there is a known issue with tomb raider and NVIDIA and Asus are both performing on it and that we did get confirmation thereupon but in other games it's pretty evident that Asus is limiting clock speeds to stay within their thermal specs it is important to remember that this can be a slim and lightweight notebook but there's also the way around these limits by using the turbo mode more on it later taking a glance at temperatures the CPU did increase to 96 degrees Celsius under a full multi-core workload but after some minutes to clock speeds did throttled right down to three point three gigahertz maintaining 71 degrees Celsius.

you have silent performance and turbo I ran all of my tests within the performance setting because to me it gave the impression of the optimal setting now once you take a look at the performance difference between all three modes silent really limits theca performance and also the good thing about it's that you just get a comparatively quiet system but I would not necessarily recommend it for gaming because it applies a significant power limit thereon RTX 2060 max Q but there is a catch there's always a catch when you see these load or anything that needs to do with rendering or any kind of multi-core workload so I guess this brings us to the conclusion and guys I’m still shocked at the performance of this g14 monster I mean the actual fact that it completely destroyed my razor blade 15 all told the tests I mean blender Cine bench even resolve in some cases after you set it to turbo it just outperforms that laptop with an RTX 2080 max Q that's just crazy most significantly this is often} a gaming laptop with battery lifetime of a skinny and lightweight like how amazing is that AMD has certainly wedged with the simplest that intel must offer and this can be huge news and in fact at a contest is great now are you making any compromise with his notebook definitely I mean yes the shortage of a webcam can be considered as one the back lighting isn't necessarily the best and i am not really a friend of the aisle placement i actually wished if there was a sort a USB port on the side because having just two kind of ports on this can be definitely a bit frustrating except for the worth it really is amazing you see without delay we're seeing a slim view of what these new Ryzen processors can offer and that i hope to work out plenty of other rise in laptops perform to the level rather like the g14 I should also mention that this can be the HS series processor and not the fully spectator H processor so it is a lower power state so just imagine what that fully Speech out eight series processor can perform and what it's visiting be compared to Intel's upcoming tension series it's gonna be a stimulating one to definitely witness and that is it that’s all I’ve got to mention about the g14 I hope i used to be ready to cover everything that you needed to grasp about AMD's new horizon CPUs on notebooks after all are you looking if you are looking for a reasonably small compact gaming laptop would this be on the highest of your list. 
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