Sythe Fuma 2 CPU Cooler

Sythe Fuma 2 CPU Cooler

It's like air coolers might be regular thing here on the channel if we discover cool stuff obviously but then again it didn't really venture out that well for Corsair's a500 that we checked out recently but the topic for today's video actually comes from your suggestions in this video it's none apart from the scythe Fuma 2 air cooler, I even have to form sure that i do not cut myself because this thing is ridiculously sharp like I'm actually very fearful of holding it like right now because it's pretty sure I'm gonna find yourself with plenty of cuts after this video compass cuts editing a video cuts that was a nasty joke alright so, the better part is that it costs $60 which is plenty less than a lot of the opposite coolers that we've tested I'm pretty excited about this one since it'd be popular to possess an alternate to a number of the most popular heat sinks out there within the market so i suppose the sole thanks to find out. the new Corsair came out a 5 platinum RGB XT helps you to program the six macro keys on the left to work beautifully with stream deck for endless customization while you stream or gain plus P V T key caps a comfortable wrist rest and equality k95 body check it out below alright so usually at leave out what’s inside the box.

But site actually includes a full list of goodies so there’s a nicely braided fan splitter cable a magnetic screwdriver and a tube of thermal compound with enough for a minimum of three applications there are also three fan brackets so let me explain why this is often so important out of the box site includes one thin 50 mm or fan and one that's a regular 25 millimeters the slimmer one is there to create sure that there are not any issues with memory compatibility but if your system has enough clearance you'll be able to use the extra bracket to exchange it with the next performance one otherwise you could just keep the stock vents and add a 3rd to actually maximize performance but there’s more to the present fan setup than what you would possibly think while they both move air within the same direction the front fan spins in a very counterclockwise direction the middle one runs clockwise in keeping with sight this actually increases static pressure and allows the 2 fans to work at a maximum of 1,200 rpms to perform more like they are going at much higher speeds and that i can't wait to put that claim to the test so on to the warmth sink itself and it {is a} pretty straightforward dual tower design with aluminum Finn air ace that are capped with a lucid black metal.

I think it's one among all one among one in every of the simplest around because I actually prefer it over anything from to not a belt up or nearly anyone else I won't bear every installation here since that would take forever but let's just say that the sole difference between platforms is that there's a back plate that's provided for Intel 775 1150 series and 1366 sockets whereas on AMD systems you'll have to reuse your motherboards back plate apart from that site provides a system of standoffs. It is very just like knock toast design but when it comes to installing the cooler there's one major difference that creates this thing so much easier rather than there being threaded rods on the cross bars there's a hole with angled guides and this helps the heat sinks pre-installed screws slide right into position with none hassle is} an excellent easy system and I love it since you'll easily get the most effective possible mount I even have to give a ton of credit to site for that specialize in compatibility.

I noticed that the lower fins do make contact something else to note is that the ass rock next to 99 clx that I used here encompasses a ridiculously tall vrm heat sink and even that wasn't a controversy the sole slight issue shows up if you want to mount a 3rd fan on a system that has high memory or beyond heat sinks since it'll must be pushed upwards moving on to aim for and there is no problem here either since site swept leaf fumma to heat pipes forward to create sure that the most fins are far away from the memory slots but don't expect to put in a full sized second fan if your memory slots are fully populated because there's just not enough space okay so now on to performance but before I purchase to it I do want to quickly goober some things first up it's vital to notice that the 2 fans on the film a two are set to work during a maximum of 1,200 rpms which may be a lots lower than the rest we've tested here the second thing is that our testing methodology together with all the coolers using this video are linked down below so starting things off with these stocks be testing on the 1098 exc and it looks like beef fumma 2 is ready to stay up with a number of the simplest coolers available now it is vital to require note that this CPU is running around 165 watt TDP which happens to be the worst case scenario for several current Intel and AMD CPU so this proves that sites $60 heat sink can effectively cool literally any processor currently available but the amazing thing is that it competes with the Noctua D 15 and it beats the u 12 at in terms of acoustics even with the event operating at 1000 rpms it's really competitive with heat sinks that cost quite bit more but pay special attention to the nock to au 14s since it costs only some bucks over the Fuma 2 and 1000 rpms sights counter rotation fan design seems to be making a fairly big difference since this happens to be one among the quietest CPU coolers that we've come upon now this part is pretty cool guys the Puma 2 hits about 50 degrees Celsius which is one among the lowest temperatures.

It's fan speeds are an honest 300 rpm slower than need t 15 and also the U 14s and guess what that leads into that's rightist just kills everything else in noise testing by a protracted shot can't highlight this enough guys when it involves performance versus noise the Fuma 2 is literally during a world of its own but now it is time for over clocked testing and therefore the tendon ADX seen running along had four point five gigahertz gets lava hot well on the positive side psych was ready to design this cooler well enough that it didn't cost CPU throttling because of high temperatures but 97 degrees Celsius continues to be pretty high. It still technically passes and that’s impressive like freely impressive finally at a hundred percent fan speed the Fuma 2 actually manages to beat the u 14s and it runs pretty near the u 12 eh now remember it's pulling these number sat much lower noise levels and not only that it only costs $60. So let's start things off with conk to us to welts this can be really amazing and it proves its site closely designed that heat sink and fans in parallel and stock settings and a continuing thousand rpm the Fuma 2's regular setup actually wins at full speed the twin knock dose setup pulls ahead but remember two of these knock tours are much louder than sight stock vans and that they cost even as very much like a novel Fuma 2 and yeah I really don't think spending all that cash on upgraded fans really benefits this cooler but I didn't want to prevent there because site does include an extra set of fan bracket so i made a decision to mount a 3rd fan right over hereon that does not stick out sort of a sore thumb well this is often the cooler master SF 120 M and in our testing it can easily compete against the NF 812 without ruining the Fuma 2's beauty for a $30 investment these stock temperature results are pretty impressive with the triple fan setup hitting temperature levels that are getting closer to 280 millinery no levels within the over clock testing running the three fans at 1200 RPM the temperature equals the twin knock to a config while noise levels were lots lower.

I assume it is time to wrap this up and that i want to level with you guys here the Fuma 2 from scythe impressed the heck out of me it is the lowest price cooler in our charts and it competed really well against the alternatives that cost $40 more so if you're running more basic system than us with the ten and 80 XC say as an example you ‘rerunning an 9900 k or aim DS 39 50 X this could be our go-to cooler and you’re actually more happy spending the additional $40 on perhaps a stronger memory kid or abettor GPU or something else sure it couldn't hit extreme cooling levels with the over clocked. I have not done in a extremely while and truly give the scythe Fuma 2 the Hardware good value award so where are you impressed with the Scythe Fuma 2 infect what does one think about that names scythe I'm actually really gaga with that because there's something so stealthy this also. 
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