fat reduce plant foods


fat reduce plant foods



·       Peanut butter


Peanut butter added with 7gram protin, 4 gram fiber 15gram of serving. It is awsom snack to help you filling stomach and satisfied. A peanut butter loaded body with carbohydrates. Peanuts including with healthy fats mean polo unsaturated and mono unsaturated fat. This healthy fat decrease bad cholesterol and increase gud fat. Peanut including with DHA & EPA.


·       Green Tea


Green tea is a type of plant which include blood flow antioxidant and caffeine. green tea helped to increase metabolism to get more work efficience. green tea so many benefits. green tea antioxidant to reduce bad cholesterol and decrease heart problems. fatty person includ Green tea in our diet. It helping to decrease weight los.


·       lengumes


The legume is much include fiber and protin, which helping a person smotach fully for some hours. a science study proved that a person added a lingume in our diet, they happy to reduce our body fat. lengume is gud food to decrease bad fat own body..


·       Nuts


Nuts added with 10gram of protin, 15gram of carbohydrates. A daily  30gram of serving in our diet. a science oroved Who adding nuts in our diet. They precios to decrease our body bad fat. Nuts adding with lots of protein with fiber, which helps to gain muscle mass and reduce fat percentage. nuts best point, it has gud fat like mono unsaturated fat and poly unsaturated fat. these healthy fat decrease heart problem. if u want to gain your muscles mass and stranth, my opinion all tyoes of nuts added ur daily diet and small amount of serving. within 8 weeks u told me that i can muscle build my body.


·       Olive oil


green plant oils mean olive canola oil added with high unsaturated fat to fill your body. olive oil adding with poly unsaturated and mano Unsaturated fat. unsaturated fat reduce bad fat for heart diseases person. One serving of olive oil canola oil increase gud fat which includw EPA and DHA. dont use oil oil to fried snacks, it is bad for our body. bad fat increased boduly fat. please use oil limited to reduced weight.


·       Beans


Beans is pure vegetarian source. A 28gram of servings beans added 8 gram protein and 5gram carbohydrates. thus is pure plant-based protein. it has loaded with minerals and vitamins. They also sources of high fiber. fiber helps to leaded your stomach long time to stop hunger. daily use of beans helping to reduce body fat. beans healthy source for muscle gain. my opinion try plant beans.


·       Whole grain


whole grain gud for fatty person. some people used refined grain. this is bad for our body. use whole grain weat, rice. this included high fiber, protwin , carbohydrates and gud fats. daily 150-200gram serving is enough to fill our body and stop stomach hunger. A whole grain loaded with vitamins and minerals. if u lose weight, then consume whole grain. because refined grain increase fat and risk of heart problems. use whole brown rice and pasta for the awsome benefits.


·       Apple cider vinegar


people like apple. apple mkre benifit our body. but apple cider vinegar is powerful drink to decrease body fat. daily one spoon of apple cider vineger added with normal water in morning time witg helps to decrease cholesterol problems. dont replace apple cider vinegar to your diet. because vinegar not a magic. all day diet helps to reduces your weight. this venigar just helped to heart problem, blood pressure problem etc. my experience.

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