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Hui Baarish Aur Hum Bheeg Gaye,
Hui Baarish Aur Hum Bheeg Gaye,
Rajnikanth Ne Phook Maari,
Aur Hum Sookh Gaye!
People could not speak derogatory remarks to Rajnikanth on face.
So, somebody created Facebook.

Rajnikanth once had a hard look at an Apple.
In fear, the Apple felt intense heat and burned into a Blackberry

Rajnikant enters Big Boss house
Next day
Rajnikant chahte hai ki Big Boss Confession Room mein aaye ;)

Rajnikanth wanted to write a blog.. and now we have Wikipedia

Recently,China airports were closed due to heavy fog.
Later it was discovered that Rajnikanth was having hukkah in india

Once rajnikanth played Statue-Statue with a girl.Till date she is stuck.We know her as the "Statue of Liberty".

Rajnikant once made toilet papers but then no one could use it cause it wouldn't take anyone's shit!
Rajnikanth once chucked the Bruce out of lee n made chucklee.
ChemicalX used by professor to create the powerpuff girls was rajnikanths spit!!
Rajni once slept with a truck ,it is now called optimus prime.
#Rajnikanth does not fart ,cause nothing can ever escape Rajnikanth.rajni .
Anaconda was shot in rajnikanth's underpants

Rajinikanth effect...
he can't drink soda because the can will explode!
he wasn't born, he was unleashed.
he doesn't sweat, he glistens.
you can set your clock by his five o'clock shadow.
he can't be killed by bullets because they're afraid.
when he plays Deal or No Deal, the banker always offers him a million dollars.

1. All doctors mantra reads like this:

I treat; Rajnikanth cures!

2. When Rajnikanth stands in front of a mirror, the mirror sees its true image.

3. Rajnikanth has never let anybody down.


He is the basis of everything and there is nothing below him.

4. Rajnikanth will never react to you.


Because you can't act against him. (Newton's 3rd law)

1. Rajnikanth once touched Blackberry phone and starting using it. Since then, touch-screen technology was developed.

2. Rajnikanth once bit an apple and threw it away. Steve Jobs picked it up as the icon of his company.

3. Why Face-book was named thus. Because they did not dare facing Rajnikanth.

4. Rajnikanth uses his computers sitting on clouds. Inspired by him, technologists developed the cloud computing technology.

5. When Rajnikanth tweets, people +1.